My Indiana “Likes”

  • The friendly people. It’s unlike anywhere else. If for instance your car gets stuck on the road, you’re likely to be helped. Also, people actually look into your face and say hello or smile or give a greetings nod, and if you’re crossing lanes and your indicator is on, people behind you let you go through–now that’s courtesy.  
  • Cost effective living. I always tell people, if you want to rear a family, go to Indiana. The cost of homes you get there are incredible, like four bedroom, three bathroom, two car garage deals that you can’t compare to. Plus getting home there comes with wonderful land space and property. Compare that anywhere else, you really can’t get better home deals than in Indy.
  • Circle Center Mall. It’s a downtown, family oriented center and it’s big so don’t trying wearing your stilletos and look cute, you’ll need comfy shoes.
  • Great diners and restaurants. You’ll get friendly waiters/waitresses and a hearty “welcome to Indiana” if you share you’re an out-of-towner.
  • The Monument Circle. They say it’s the spot that directly hits the middle of Indiana state. It’s a huge monument that was built to honor fallen war heroes of the past. On its available hours, don’t forget to take a peak at its museum once you go inside. The monument is also surrounded by two large pools on its side surrounded by a walkway for people to get a good look. It’s one of Indiana’s great attractions. By the time it’s the Thanksgiving holiday, the monument is decorated with lights to form a huge Christmas tree, which is spectacular to see.  
  • Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway. If you like racing, you’ve got to get tickets to this Speedway. It’s really a HUGE raceway (one of America’s largest) and gets SO loud, you might need earplugs. I remember driving around town and heard the engines roar when a race was on, and I was within a 5 mile radius!
  • Indianapolis Colts. I would have said Peyton Manning, too, but it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the team. They’re all great in my mind. I sure hope they don’t trade Peyton. He’s been such an iconic figure for the Colts…did I mention he helped Indy get a Championship Trophy in 2007? I happened to be in NY at the time and cheered them on despite everyone else cheering on the Patriots. Really, there were NY fans cheering for Pats instead of Indy. I felt so alone, but tables turned when they won…good times :).

If I’ve missed anything great about Indy, let me know. I’d like to hear it. Thanks for sharing.

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