Help Find Teleka! Family Seeks Donations to Help in Search

Thank you for reading my blog post on Teleka. Ongoing efforts continue. The Patrick family has to hire a private investigator, but it’s going to cost over $3,000. Please, this Christmas, do something by giving what you can to help this family in need. They want their daughter back home, safe and alive. Can you help? Donations are being accepted at Meanwhile, please also pray for her safe return. If you’ve never prayed before, please give what you can. Thank you.

The Dilemma


On Dec. 4 (Sunday) I was told that my car was hit into by a family friend. The family friend had to pick up a member of the household I live with who had to go to the airport. It was 7 a.m. (as I happened to be sleeping around that time) that the family friend came and as they were backing out the driveway, they had sided right into the side of my car, which was parked as far to the side of the driveway as possible, leaving enough space (or so I thought) for another car to easily pass through. The hit left a very unnoticeable dent (from far away until you’re close up) with visible scratches.

Later that day, I got the news of the accident. I went to check it out and was (I’ll be honest) upset. The relative I live with (and who witnessed the accident) came back from the trip and has not said a word to me about it, neither have I received communication from the family friend who hit my car.

The dilemma is the culprit is a family friend, should I overlook the mishap and think nothing of it? My car is gray so the mark is not that visible, but at the same time if I wanted to sell the car I’d be the one paying for the cost of that mark. My question is: What should I do?