My “Life Wishes”

  1. Do what I love…(still figuring it out). 
  2. Go bungy-jumping or sky-diving.
  3. Learn to do: Adobe Photoshop or Dreamweaver or Macromedia Flash.
  4. Serve as a talent manager for a rising star.
  5. Give my parents a trip around the world, with all expenses paid.
  6. Attend my sister’s graduation from medical school.
  7. Host a t.v. program.
  8. Own a house.
  9. Own or adopt a pet. (If a dog: a Husky; if a cat: an Egyptian Mau. )
  10. Take a vacation to Disney World (never been there).
  11. Organize a family reunion.
  12. Be a mentor.
  13. Visit Austria. (The film “Sound of Music” got me hooked on that place!)
  14. Be married to THE guy I’m meant to be with. (3 things I’m looking for in a guy and he must meet all of them.)
  15. If I remain single, I won’t complain but will live life positively.
  16. Catch a glimpse of falling stars.
  17. Go to heaven.

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