My Jamaica “Likes”

In no particular order:

  • Devon House – Best ice-cream in the world!
  • Heroes National Park – Place to relax with family/friends
  • Lemonade – Best drink in the world!
  • Eschovitch Fish and rice and peas – no one does it best than in JA.
  • St. Peter and Paul – The elementary school I attended where I met one of my best friends.
  • Constant Spring – the church I grew to love.
  • Festival Events – people dressed in spectacular adornment, music and food.
  • The weather – usually between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, but I love the heat!
  • Patties – whether it’s meat or veggie, this pastry is sure to melt in your mouth.
  • Snow cones – ice with flavored syrup.
  • Anything jerk – Though I’m veggie, add this spiced seasoning to your meat and it does wonders for your meal.
  • Dunn’s River Falls – a favorite spot for any visitor to JA.
  • The country – I was born in Kingston (the capital) but nothing beats the quiet country side.
  • The driving – If you can drive in JA with its rolling hills and mountains, you can drive any where globally.
  • Usain Bolt – Best sprinter in the world!
  • Yendi Phillips – Not only is she beautiful, but down-to-earth. She was first runner up to Miss Universe in 2010.

Did I miss anything? Any Jamaicans reading this want to add anything else?

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