My NY “Likes”

In no particular order:

  1. Long Island Beach. I love, love going there! It’s one of the places I go to relax. They’ve got an ice-cream store called “Marvel” that’s unlike any other. My advice, try to go after 5 p.m. (if you can) during the week, a great time to try the board walk.
  2. The Food! There’s just so many types of cuisines, you’d think you’ve tasted every thing there is in the world. There’s a great Thai restaurant called “Topaz” on 56th street off 7th Avenue. It’s a bit cramped in seat space, but you’ll be well-fed with delightful meals.
  3. The Pride of its Sports Teams. Madison Square Garden, Citi Field, Yankee Stadium. Whether you’re a basketball, baseball, football fan, I don’t think there’s ever a fan-base quite like those in New York. (I always wondered though, how comes New York has two baseball and football teams? If you ask me, I think it creates such a divide between NYers, I mean, come on people, why the hostility, they’re all from the same state!)
  4. The Shopping (especially on discount). Walk along Fifth Avenue, I don’t think you’ve ever seen anything quite like it.
  5. Central Park. Massively huge and truly a get a way from the hustle and bustle of life. Free concerts are held there and the scenery is best during the Summer and Fall seasons.
  6. How the city lights up, especially in Times Square. When it gets dark, you might need to bring shades…it really gets bright there.
  7. Carnegie Hall. Love music, the arts? This is one of the most famous places you could check out.
  8. Broadway. You can’t come to NY and not see at least one show. The Arts is heavily saturated in NY. You’ll see a lot of people express themselves in that form…trust me.
  9. Museum of Modern Art. I like art that is applied to the modern age, but will check out the others when I get the chance. Oh, this was also the place I spotted “My Name is Earl” character. I can’t remember his name, but I know he’s on a show now called, “Memphis Beat.”
  10. Driving through the city. Forget the GPS, you’ll get lost. Just make sure you make your drive out during the day so you can see the signs easily. Also, don’t mind the taxi cab drivers. Honking is normal for them so don’t let them intimidate you by it.
  11. The sky-high Buildings! Try getting to the top of the Empire State Building. It takes your breath away–literally.
  12. Parades during the year. There’s a lot during the year. You’ll experience food, dance, people–lots of people.
  13. The Tree Lighting at Rockefellar Center. Just be sure to arrive four hours early to get up close views of the stage; it gets really crowded, and make sure your camera works.
  14. Finally, the People! They are the heart of NY. There are SO many people who live here from so many countries. It adds a diverse flavor to the metropolis.

I know there’s a lot more places in NY that are great to see, so tell me. If you’ve been to or live in NY, what do you like about it or what places do you like to see?

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