2012: The Year of Progress

I already anticipate good things for the new year as it arrives and excited at the prospect of new beginnings as I close the book on old journeys.

Apart from getting involved with my church ministries, I have been looking to work in the communications/PR sector, specifically healthcare. I also look to being more content with the things I have rather than be needy for things I wish to have (though nothing’s wrong with that), I feel that I have a lot of things and need to be satisfied and grateful for the little I do have. Some people in this world I realize don’t have things for which I do have.

I also plan to take a course either to learn graphic design or maybe internet marketing to enhance my communications skills. I’m so focused on my career that I believe that I need to push myself to do things I keep saying that I “could’ve, would’ve, or should’ve.”

So, the countdown begins and I’m ready to start the journey to progress in t-minus 10…9…8…7…6…5….well, you get the idea :).

May 2012 be your year of progress.

My 2011 Resolutions

I’m a day ahead of myself with this post, but I thought I’d make a jump start.  Don’t forget to read my message Dear Reader, it’s my new year’s message to you.

No matter what, go after my dreams!

I always wanted to work in a certain area of study, but each time I applied for an opened position, I was turned down. I felt frustrated, angry, had low self-esteem, but because of my faith in God, always kept believing I should try again. So, come 2011, I intend to do just that. Keep persevering and pushing myself. Some members in the family think I should give up this pursuit, but I can’t. I have this mustard seed of faith right now, and it tells me to keep trying. I truly believe what I attain to do is what I should do, and in the meantime, I’m doing things in the middle to gain experience and make myself look the best I can on paper so that once I DO get that position, the satisfaction of reaching one my goals will be pure bliss .

Keep doing the old stuff, but also try new things!

Keeping healthy is something I always strive to do. For my body, I floss after meals, drink water when I can, but need to run more. There’s a school track not far from me and one day I hope to run the entire track at least four times without stopping. I first have to get my body back in running gear, so wish me luck! I’ve also had a desire to go horseback riding. I think those animals are so beautiful and striking and to ride one would be thrilling. My resolution on this, though, is to start doing the things I’ve been wishing to do but was afraid to do.

Forgive, let go, and move on!

This is about a guy I really liked, I mean fell in love with, dreamt about at nights, and wished we’d been together. We had been friends for about five years—his Flickr pictures prove the moments we hung out together, and each moment was always positive. Never did I feel uncomfortable or bored when with him; I instead felt excited each time I was with him and that’s never happened to me.

Prior to him, I was always the girl who turned guys down when they approached me, and for the first time, this guy got to me and I found myself going after him. We met at a Thanksgiving dinner through a relative and was embarrassed they did that, but as time passed, we got to know each other and I really began to like him. In 2009, we spent a lot of time doing things and when Christmas approached my family and I spent dinner over his home with his family. It should’ve been the moment our relationship could’ve turned for the better but when I left I didn’t say goodbye to him…just got up and left. He texted me within minutes to ask if I left without saying goodbye and I could give no excuse.

That was the last time I ever saw him in person and a year has gone by and 2011 is almost here. I heard he got a girlfriend and checked out his FB account (so wrong, I know! but curiosity got the best of me) to see if it was true and to my dismay he was dating. All I could think about for him was not anger, but guilt for myself because he really was THE guy for me and I wished I had said goodbye to him before I left that Christmas dinner. I felt it in my heart—you know when you see someone for the first time and right then and there you just believe they’re THE ONE? I believed he was, yet he’s moved on. It’s been hard getting over the fact that he’s moved on, but I’ve got to forgive myself, let him go and move on. I only wish him happiness and as for me I hope to eventually have peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Ahhh…there’s so much to express, but I’ll only reveal what I can now. I want to work on these for 2011 and take each step little by little until I get there. For real this time, I’m really going to do better. Thanks 2010 for the hard year it was, I’ve grown more because of that year, but I’m ready to be and do better…So, goodbye 2010 and old me and hello 2011, ‘cause the new me is on its way!!

DEAR READER: Happy New Year! I’m sure 2010 was not an easy year for you, but I wish you many blessings and fulfillment through 2011. Like in years passed, there’ll be ups and downs, but don’t worry, just keep faith and keep looking up. As you embark on your new year’s journey, you never know when things start to turn around for you, but my advice is “Take that leap of faith.” But to do that, you first must believe in you.