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21 Days

To enhance my spiritual life, I’ve been given an assignment, which is to take one hour of my day to spend time with God. Sounds simple enough. However, I must do this every day for 21 days. If I miss a day, I have to start all over. 

Recently, a friend dared me to do this. We’ve been discussing our lives and I realized my spiritual life is not as it should be. We even started discussing finances. That’s another area my friend has dared me to work on. 

So many things to think about in so little time. After 21 days, despite the ups and downs of sticking with the plan, let’s see what happens. 

Year of Miracles

Been awhile, I’ve been blogging. So much has happened in 2012.

My current job is going well and I’m utilizing skills I went to school for (that’s a bonus!), I am paying down on my student loans (even more of a plus!), and helping my church with its music and communication ministries. I consider 2012 the year I came back from my set backs.

As we embark on 2013, another new year, I’ll call it the “year of miracles”. I have no idea what miracles will happen, but something tells me if I believe well, it will happen. Image

Don’t laugh, but I’ve been making a resolution with God…four resolutions, in fact. They sound silly to me, but I got the nerve to talk to God about them. Whether those resolutions will be resolved, is a mystery, but I hope they’ll be resolved.

Happy Holidays to you reader, and may 2013 be your year of miracles, too.

Let’s Move Day (5K Run) – Sunday, September 23

America is known as a “fat” country, particularly in size. The statistics prove this. Maybe we’ve allowed complacency to get to us and our health deteriorates in the process. For instance, we work hard for the money, we indulge on snacks in between meals, we sleep less, we eat less and junk more on fast food, ultimately leading us to miss out on the essential needs for our bodies. Well, how about changing that mindset today.

To change your mindset, you’ve got to change the way you think. Learn to say no. Be in command of your thoughts. Once you control your thoughts, you control your habits, and eventually your actions. Sounds good so far?

My church is hosting a 5K marathon on Sunday, September 23 beginning at 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Flushing Meadow Corona Park (Queens, New York). This is part of a nationwide health initiative, known as “Let’s Move Day!”. Only $15 to register for persons interested to run. Anyone and everyone is invited. There will also be health presentations and screenings on-site. Also, we’ll have representatives from the White House and the NYC Mayor’s Office. Did I get your attention?

If you’re interested to take part as a runner, let me know and I’ll send you a form to complete. Check out the Web site to learn more of this initiative.

To live healthier, start doing something about it and change those negative statistics. Why not start now?

Utilizing My Skills

My new job is great. I’m entering my fifth week and still learning the ropes of everything: company policies, numbers and contacts to remember, deadlines to meet, just wish I had a company Blackberry, but I’m very thankful. On the side, helping out at church is going well, too. I created a flier (and though the image is blurry) it makes me proud to know I’m doing what I like to do: writing and designing. Would love to do some strategic planning, but in time. Want to see the flier? Here it is. Meanwhile, the weekend is going to be 84 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m looking forward to enjoying it.


Got a New Job!…

Got a New Job!

If you think you can’t, you won’t; if you believe you can, you will. (Author: Unknown)

My year of progress unfolds bit by bit. I started my new job on Monday, May 14, right after Mother’s Day weekend. Leaving my last job was bittersweet. I never knew I had such an impact on people in the office until my last day. I got cupcakes and brownies, from my supervisor, including three cards signed by almost everyone in the office. I got a recurring theme among co-workers who commented to me that I made their day with my smile. Who knew? I sure didn’t, but it was nice to know I left on a positive note.That was Friday.

I already was in work mode for my new job and started the following Monday. New to the position, I was flooded with an overload of information and already felt overwhelmed. I once thought, “What did I get myself into?” but I knew God was at the steering wheel and driving me towards the direction of progress. I went through a lot the last three years: emotionally, financially, and even spiritually, but 2012 is already showing progress and I have God to thank.

I’m so excited to be starting the job after one week and one of the perks is I get Fridays off. Not sure how I’ll spend that extra free day, but for now I’m just thankful to be in a job I think my skills are catered to. If you’re wondering, my title is executive/communications assistant for a president (can’t say which).

Right now, I’m thinking of what I’m doing to do for the rest of the day and looking forward to better days ahead.