Four Ways to Keep Your Bones Strong

I volunteered to serve as a guest blogger for Dr. Burt, a chiropractor in Calif. I’ve never met the guy but because of social media I was given the chance to write. I love the opportunity to connect online and meet people and because of this encounter, I get to write for an extended audience. I personally thank him for allowing me to write for his blog. It’s quite exhilarating.  This is the article I wrote:

There’s a saying that goes, “Sticks and stones may break my bones” and isn’t that true? When an object that’s ten times greater than your body mass is thrown at you, your body probably would get bruised or worse broken. I think we take the bones that make up our body for granted not realizing that the very thing that makes us up is the same thing we need to take care of to keep us in shape, in form, and in health.


When you wake in the mornings and rise from the bed, it took your meta-tarsals, your phalanges, your tibia, your femur, your fibula, your gluteus maximus, and many other bones to work in order for you to do just that one action.


Before I get ahead of myself and recite an in-depth physiological motion involved with just getting up, I want to emphasize four points to help you stay on track when dealing with your bones.


  1. Stretch. After getting up in the morning, do stretching exercises for three minutes. It doesn’t take much of your time but stretching can increase your blood flow and gets your muscles in motion. Stretching will make you feel alive and ready to start the day. Your posture when you stand up might also improve.


  1. Calcium Intake. Thank your body by giving it the nutrients it needs. Drink milk or eat green and leafy vegetables (the greener, the better). These also help to prevent osteoporosis. 


  1. Be Active. Walk, jog, swim, play tennis, play basketball, climb the stairs…get the picture? The point is to move around. Your bones need to be strengthened, not weakened. Of course, when doing these activities, be consistent; don’t over-do them to a point where you hurt yourself. The key is to stay active in moderation.


  1. Lift Weights. Whether you do it at a gym or purchase your own, weight lifting in moderation contributes to your body’s strength performance, improves your musculoskeletal system, and can lower back pain.


Bones are necessary to get around in life and a part of daily living. How would you manage to do the menial tasks like picking up a fork or tie a shoe lace if your femur or your phalanges no longer worked? Sadly, some people face that situation yet amazingly and with resilience still go on. But you have your limbs, your bones in tact, so use them and use them well. Your bones deserve the loving care it does so it works to keep you around. 

To see my blog post on the Dr.’s site, here’s the link. (Do share with anyone you know who could benefit, thanks!)



  1. Slamdunk · March 21, 2012

    Very well done. On the way over now to the Dr.’s site…

    • faithlooksup · March 26, 2012

      Thank you and thanks for checking it out! 🙂

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