Taking Courage

Communication, I learned growing up, is a very important life tool. It can make or break you in a situation, in a relationship, on the job, in financial planning, in health concerns, whatever, it’s a key ingredient.

I took that key ingredient for granted when something I did years ago came back to haunt me. I can’t specify, but what I can tell you is that communication could have saved me from the struggle I’m in as a result.  In particular I wasn’t communicating to the person involved as much as I should have.

Since 2012 came, it was on my mind to talk and get things off my chest. I didn’t know how I would engage in discussion, so I wrote a card ending with a, “Can we talk?” When the person had time to talk and gave their undivided attention, I spoke (of course, nervous and fumbling over words) but I spoke on the things that I had kept bottled inside me. I had the sudden urge to release tears, but staying proud, I kept them back until the person (after listening) forgave me.

Never had I felt such relief mixed with an outpour of shame that the tears I tried holding back, flowed and kept falling. I embraced the person and clenched them with a hug as tears kept rolling from my eyes. They in turn affectionately accepted that embrace. The pain I had caused this person for so long was melting. They told me that if I had spoken with them years ago, the talk we had would never have happened. I agreed and hoped I never had a talk like it again.

This was the beginning of transformation for me and declaring 2012 as my year of progress, taking the courage to communicate was the start.

I implore you reader that if you’ve done something spiteful, malicious, have been ungrateful, or turned a blind eye to someone…be the one to talk to them and seek forgiveness. You really don’t know how a person feels until you speak up and talk with them. I learned the hard way after the fact and I regret not communicating as I should.

Take the courage to talk more with your loved one, have a discussion with your child, take more time to spend with them. It matters…it really does.

One comment

  1. Desiray · January 12, 2012

    Communication is such a strong thing and so often we think we know how when in most cases we don’t because we be so busy waiting for them to stop talking so we can talk. I am happy to hear you did what you had to do nothing like clearing the air and plus holding in all in makes you a prisoner instead of being free and Jesus said we are free

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