The Gift of Giving

The Christmas holiday is just around the corner and I am almost done with shopping. Sometimes I get stressed out with shopping (not because of spending) but because  of the amount of time it takes to shop for someone. I like getting gifts for people that are functional and will be used a lot so I take awhile shopping for individuals. Just today, I was in a particular store and shopping for one item, but I had to take a peak at everything in the store and figure out if this would be ideal for the person I’m intending to buy the gift for. I won’t rest until I am convinced that what I get will be something the person can use, not just once, but occasionally or even better, frequently.

Though all this shopping has gotten to me, I ask myself: Is it worth getting? *I pause* Of course it is! Though December might be considered the month for booming business, I look at it as an opportunity to show a loved one, a  friend or even a stranger that you thought of them. I can’t help but think of the reaction on the person’s face when they unwrap and open their gift. I love that, “Oooo” or “Ahhhh” gesture that sends the message back non-verbally communicating “you got the right gift” and “thanks for thinking of me.”  That’s what I look and hope for.

I also think of the true meaning of the Christmas holiday. You know whom I speak of: Jesus. I don’t believe December 25 was the day He was born, but I do believe He was born in a real place called Bethlehem and it’s nice that we as humans celebrate that piece of biblical history. Sometimes I have to stop and think, “What God would ever come down from His throne to become human and die for me?” It’s unheard of! But when I think about it, that’s the meaning of love. It’s a gift. A selfless act of love. 1 John 4:8 reads, “If you knoweth not love, you knoweth not God, for God is love.” Ask any human in this world if they would want to be spat upon, accused of wrongdoing, falsely condemned, be stripped entirely naked and then be nailed on a piece of wood where you are strung up for hours until you suffocate and die and do all this to die for you so you can live. They’d say no, but Jesus did it. Not only for me, but for you. That’s love.

I’m pretty sure Jesus “shopped” around the consequences of having to save you and me from sin, but he made his decision and the result is priceless. For that I’m ever grateful to Him who thought enough of me to give me such a wonderful gift.

This Christmas, let the reminder of love, the greatest gift from heaven, enter your heart. Once it’s in there, share that love, give that love to others and it’ll be the sweetest emotion you’ll ever feel.


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