Didn’t get the Flu Shot? Tips you can do to survive the Cold, if you get it.

A few days into the new year and I’ve caught the cold…Aarrggh! But in three days it’s ending and I wanted to share my tips on how to overcome it should you get it, especially for those of you who didn’t get the Flu Shot. To be clear, I am NOT a health expert, but these are tips that have helped me when I got this nasty bug.

Get Adequate Sleep

Rest is very important when you get a cold, but when you get it, sleep an hour or two earlier than you usually do when you go to bed at nights. So, if you’re like me and sleep at 11 p.m. make it a habit during the cold to get into bed by 10 p.m. or 9 p.m. Also, turn off all lights in your room and keep it as dark as possible. Light makes you feel like it’s morning and signals your brain to wake up, so all lights should be off. Trust me, you’ll wake up feeling rested than before.

Bundle Up!

When I have a cold, I often feel colder than usual, and since I live where it gets below 20 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter, I layer myself with as much clothing as possible. Don’t laugh, but when I go to work, I wear not one, but two pairs of stockings. My legs feel that much warmer and snug for it and I lessen the chance of progressing my cold if I keep myself as warm as possible. In addition, I wear gloves, a hat, and two scarves. I tell myself that the more petite I am the more layers of clothing I need, but I add that no matter what body mass you are, layer yourself and keep yourself warm.

Drink lots of Water

Someone once told me that drinking too much water, becomes like medicine, but practically, water is what the body needs and is like medicine. The more you drink of it, the more your body will thank you. While you go through the cold, your body is fighting off the bad things and needs added fluid for that. I try to drink at least a liter on my desk at work and when I am home, I drink it after meals. Also, don’t worry that you will go to the bathroom frequently, it’s just the body is doing some housecleaning to purge out the bad stuff, so it’s a good thing. I’d also add, drink warm liquids: soups, tea, porridge, etc.

Cut out the Dairy!

To prevent mucus or phlegm build up, prevent yourself from drinking or eating anything with dairy. This includes: milk, cheese, ice-cream, butter, cream-cheese, even milk in coffee/latte. When I cut these out, my nasal passages were cleared up and I breathed easier, but here’s a bit more information on what the doc’s say about what you can and shouldn’t take on this.

Wash your hands!

Especially when you’re getting a cold or going through it, more than usual, wash your hands. I always make it a habit to wash my hands with soap and water or use Lysol products. The amount of germs that gets on your hands when you touch a doorknob, or use a computer keyboard, or a phone, or bathroom faucet is too many to count! To limit the spread of germs, washing your hands will help. It also helps to wash before and after you eat. I’m sure you don’t want to go through another Avian Flu or H1N1 episode. I sure don’t.

Did I miss anything? If you have any remedy that’s helped you decrease the cold or cold-like symptoms, let’s hear it!


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    • faithlooksup · January 17, 2011

      Hi, Chantel. Thanks for your comment. My site is from a WordPress template, which you can check out on WordPress (if you have an account). It’s free and offers lots of other templates. Hope this helps.

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