Nine Months Later…

I have been unemployed, yet kept hoping for possibilities.

On October 13, I watched the tv as it became inundated with the story of the Chilean miners trapped for 69 days since August 4. I compared my life to theirs. I too felt trapped in a deep hole with no way out except for outsiders to dig me out. The only light I had was the encouragement from family and friends and reading the Bible. I began to hold one verse in particular very dear to me, which read, “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised).” [Hebrews 10:23 KJV]

The week prior to the good news of the Chilean miners, I went on two interviews. Company #1 was the interview I had written about in an earlier post and company #2 was another one, which I discovered online and applied to a week later. I felt good about interviewing with Company #1, but after two weeks passing, my gut told me I might not have been the selected candidate. Company #1 told me that I would’ve been notified the following week whether or not I was to go on for a second interview; however, when that following week approached I heard nothing. I decided to call the HR manager to find out the status only to get voicemail. After leaving a message, within a few minutes, I received an e-mail that company #1 was still interviewing and would let me know of the status the week after. The week after came, but I never heard anything. (At this time, my gut told me to apply elsewhere, so I did.)

While waiting to hear back from company #1, I got a phone call from another company for an interview. This is company #2.  I met with company #2 and interviewed with the HR manager, who felt I was SO overqualified for the position, yet felt I would be a better fit for another position the company had opened. They had me interview right after them with the person whom the selected candidate would work with. After about an hour all together, I was told I am on the top of the list. Company #2 said they would contact me the next week on the Wednesday (which is Oct. 13, the day the Chilean miners were rescued).

So, fast-forward to Wednesday, October 13 and I’m engulfed with the good news of the rescue efforts in Chile. By this time, I still had not heard from company #1 neither did I hear from company #2. I decided to keep faith and kept praying. One thing I grew up believing is that prayer works.

Friday comes and I still had not heard from company #1 or #2. I’ll be honest and admit that I felt disappointed, dismayed, and a bit frustrated, but I assured myself that if it’s God’s will He’ll show me the place I need to work in His appointed time. By around 5:30 p.m. that afternoon, I get a phone call from…company #2. The conversation went something like this:

Company #2: Hello, may I speak with Kimi-Roux?
Me: Yes, speaking.
Company #2: Hi, Kimi-Roux. This is company #2 and this is a follow-up to our meeting with you. We really liked your personality and think you’d make a good fit with our company. We’d like to extend an offer for a job opportunity with us. Do you accept?
Me: OMG! Of course! I can’t believe it! I’ve been praying for this moment! When do I start?

At this time, we had negotiated pay and the date I begin, and hung up the phone. I was filled with so much positive emotion and overwhelmed at receiving the good news that I had to cry afterwards. It kept ringing in my mind that I had just been offered a job and after nine months of unemployment, I knew God was listening and answered. The first person I told was my aunt who cried with me, because she knew of how long I was trying to find something, and then we prayed together. I called my family members, told a few friends and am still amazed at what just happened over the last few days. I felt connected to the Chilean miners, in a metaphoric way. I had been rescued like they were from a dark hole, never knowing how long I would remain in that hole, but thank God He rescued me.

In two weeks, I begin work and am happy to say after nine months, it feels pretty good to be one less statistic off the unemployment list.

 Thank you to my blog readers and friends who’ve prayed for me over the course of those nine months. Your words of encouragement and support have helped me get through this time. You don’t know how much it truly meant to me. Those past nine months were a test of my faith, but I am a living testament that God is real and prayers do get answered, if it is to be. Thanks again to all!

SIDE NOTE: Company #1 eventually got back to me by sending me a letter saying how impressed they were with my resume, yet another more qualified individual was selected and that they wished me luck on my job search.


  1. Dionne · October 19, 2010

    Praise the Lord!
    Congratulations!!! 🙂

    Remember to eat breakfast on the morning of the first day 🙂
    Which one did you get? The one you were “So overqualified for” or the other one that you interviewed for afterwards?

    Either way. Congrats!!! I hope you get back into the grind quickly!!

    • faithlooksup · October 19, 2010

      Thanks a lot! 🙂 After my nine-month unemployment experience, I won’t see it as a “grind” but a vast opportunity with open doors. So I don’t think I’ll complain for awhile about being on the job. This is too much of a blessing that I’ll look at things more positively.

  2. Slamdunk · October 25, 2010

    Sorry I am late on this, but congrats on the job! You deserve it and I am sure it is a huge burden relieved and replaced with tons of excitement.

    Nice work !

    • faithlooksup · October 25, 2010

      Thanks, Slamdunk! I truly appreciated your thoughts and prayers. Whatever you said to the boss “upstairs”, worked! 🙂 It has been a great sigh of relief, and I’m making sure to be enthusiastic about the position each day I work. It’s a reminder I need to be thankful for the little opportunities I gain. Thanks again.

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