I’m a Sports Fan and Proud of it

I’m the biggest fan when it comes to sports, in general.

What intrigues me about it is the mental focus involved (you know that “get your head in the game” mentality), the fierce competition, the team-oriented environment, and the strength, resilience and endurance it takes to succeed. It’s also about conducting sportsmanship behavior whether the team wins or loses; you know, being able to have humility if victorious, yet also being able to applaud the opposing team if they win. Sports is such a phenomenon!

Ever since I was a child, I was active and took part in activities. I remember the first and last day I joined track and field. Remember, I said it was my first and last day. It was right after school. See, the coach heard about my running performance and decided to test my abilities. He invited me to run with the team and after a few practice runs, he was convinced I should join the team. As he instructed me on what to do next, my mom (who was to pick me up from school) showed up with a disconcerted look on her face. “No daughter of mine is joining this team!” she barked. The coach tried to persuade her of the possibilities of my future if I stayed with the team. With firm stance as before, my mom had the last word, took me by the hand and we walked off the field. I was so disheartened. I was in the fifth grade when that incident happened, but since then I never joined another sports team until I attended college. I took the opportunity to get involved in sports and joined the flag football team and enjoyed every minute (even when we played a game in the rain). I realized how much I missed the camaraderie and team spirit of taking part in sports. I don’t have a favorite sporting activity because I am fond of them all.

When it comes to tennis, I love watching the fierce streak attitude each player has when it’s their turn to serve and the intensity as to who will get up to 40 points. Watching Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic in the US Open was exciting. I loved that both players were excellent at what they did and both wanted the prize badly. I also loved knowing that both really were the best and proved it in each set and kept the suspense going as to who could outdo the other. I was on my toes most of the time.

When I watch North American Football, I love to watch the Colts, the Giants, and the Jets. Loyal to the core, I support the teams whose regions I am closest or live, hence my strong support. Though I live in New York currently, I still support the Indianapolis Colts (because I grew up in that area). I remember the times of Jim Harbaugh (fmr. Colts quarterback before Peyton) and the awe of receiving Tony Dungy as coach, who eventually led the team to receive their 2007 Superbowl championship victory. It’s funny, when the Colts play either the Giants or the Jets, I instinctively root for the Colts because I truly think they are a better team. I always get jabbed by my NY friends, yet I stay true to rooting for the Colts despite their jarring. I really do hope the Colts get their second Superbowl win this season :).

I used to watch basketball, but somehow I’ve lost the interest. I try to root for the NY Knicks, but I don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about the team. That whole media hype about Lebron James joining the team was blown out of proportion. Somehow, he didn’t seem like he wanted to come to NY (as yet). I don’t think NY Knicks have the heart to battle it to the playoffs. I think they’ve forgotten what it meant to get there. If their attitude is complacent now, why would an MVP player like Lebron want to join a mediocre team? That’s just my opinion. And by the way, why would the Knicks bring back Isaiah Thomas? He’s not that good a coach, maybe a good basketball player, but not a coach. The Pacers had him for awhile, but he was awful, so why would the Knicks hire him? I mean really, has common sense left the door for people in sports management lately? I am irate about this team because I know they can do better, but they will have to proove it by winning some games. They’ve been lax over the past decade and need to get it together now.

I don’t know much about baseball, but I support both the Yankees and Mets. Unfortunately, Indy doesn’t have a baseball team, but I watch the games to grasp the concept. Ice Hockey is another one, but the only thing I recognize about that sport is Wayne Gretzky. Other than that, it’s nil for me. I also love NASCAR, since I am a race fan. Some of my friends say the races are way too long to watch, and I tell them that if they don’t like to watch the race on t.v., see it live. It’s an unbelievable experience. In NY, the closest one is Pocono, which is about two hours away from NYC and then the second nearest raceway is Dover, which is about four hours away from the city. I also watch golf sometimes. I actually think it’s the hardest game of all. Try hitting a ball that’s smaller than your fist into a small hole with as limited strokes as possible from varying distances. It’s not as easy as it looks. I took a class in college and learned that lesson.

When it comes to the Olympics, my favorite event is track and field. Usain Bolt was such a phenomenon when he won in the men’s marathon in the last Olympics event. Since he’s Jamaican, like me, I’m a proud fan. Jamaica may be a small island, but it’s known to have excellent runners, which is where I had my love of track from the start. Swimming would be my next favorite Olympics event. It is my hope to see Michael Phelps take part in the next Olympics.

I often think about what I would’ve become if my mom allowed me to join the track team. Maybe I would’ve developed muscles and turned into some six-pack unrecognizable female and end up in the Olympics :). Since that never happened, I continue to enjoy watching all types of sports behind the t.v. As the fall season begins, I look forward to the football games and root for my Colts, Giants, and Jets and hope that one of those teams will reach the playoffs. Since I like conversing, I would debate with anyone who thinks those teams won’t make it. I’ll be ready to take you on. Otherwise, as they say in the boxing arena, “let’s get ready to rumble!”



  1. Dionne · September 28, 2010

    I still can’t believe that you were never on the team!!! I remember Mr. Stubbs always singling you out to run for Hildergarde! You were the fastest in our grade :). I could’ve sworn that you were on the track team for a while!!!

    • faithlooksup · September 28, 2010

      Ha! Unfortunately, no. How could I say no to mom? In my house, they have the last word.

  2. Slamdunk · October 1, 2010

    Ahh, that must have been difficult knowing you could compete, but weren’t permitted to.

    Coach Dungy is an inspiring guy and I hope he gets back with a team–even though he seems to be enjoying his broadcasting career.

    • faithlooksup · October 1, 2010

      It was, but I let go of the past hurt and moved on. I am inspired by people like Coach Dungy who have a passion to excel, yet not let success get to their head. It would be nice to see him coach again, but he deserves doing what he loves–he earned it. Thanks for your comment :).

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