More Than Just a Bookworm

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience:  this is the ideal life.  ~Mark Twain

Books have always been my love. Mark Twain’s Adventures of Tom Sawyer was one of my favorites, but it was always my love for reading that made me who I am today.

When I was younger, you would always find me reading. In the kitchen, while the television was on, in the bathroom, while I was to do chores, in the garden, at the airport, hence the term “bookworm.” The name never bothered me because one way or another someone would turn to me to get an answer because I seemed to know a lot about a little bit of everything, all because of reading books.  I always wanted to form or join a club where others had that love and fortunate to add, I got the chance to join one recently.

Surrounded by eleven beautiful, academic and philanthropic women who liked to read, I felt for the first time I was truly bonding. I began to learn that we collectively as a group were more than just bookworms. Some lessons I learned from our first meeting.

  • People have stories to tell. I hardly knew anyone, first of all, but after we got through the “Two Truths and A Lie” game as an ice breaker, our wall barriers of privacy were broken and our comfort levels increased. Some of the women I learned had traveled to places like Austria, Switzerland, speak German, have eight siblings, plays the cello, likes the color brown and many more. I found it so fascinating to learn about these women and for them to learn about me. I discovered that I really can’t judge a book by its cover until I take a peak at its pages.
  • Reading a book with others encourages more reading. Anyone can pick a book and read it, but how likely are they to be motivated to read another? I find when I do things with others that have similar interests, I become more focused, more driven, and encouraged to read more. Each woman in the group has a love for reading and instantly the passion to read is ignited. I am in total bliss!
  • A book club promotes team effort. Think about it. There has to be someone to invite book club attendees, someone to send out announcements, someone to arrange meeting locations, someone to handle food arrangements, someone to take minutes, someone to choose the books to read and someone to start the discussion. One person couldn’t do it all and even if they could it’d take the fun out of organizing the program for everyone else. For me, I find team effort involves letting go of self, letting go of “it’s all about me” and be open to let others do things. It might reveal a talent that went undiscovered. So, yeah for team effort!
  • Reading increases mental health. I tell people I’m not as smart as they think I am (especially because I wear glasses), but I just love reading. Though, I do find when I learn new words, learn how to structure a proper sentence with clarity and understanding, I speak more refined and come off intellectual. Though, in essence, reading truly increases my word lingo and lexicon and meaning and I can communicate better. Try it! You might just impress someone.

I’m really glad to be part of this book club and I know it’ll be successful since all the girls showed such excited anticipation for the  next meeting. We’ll be having game night! Our first book will be by Iyanla Vanzant because she’s really quite inspirational and her life story is truly heartfelt. The founder of this meeting decided to make it an all girls book club, which is fine and somehow I think it’ll bring us girls closer as sisters. It never hurts to have a group to be involved with that shares your interests and helps you grow positively, that’s why I joined these other bookworms :).

I’ll never stop reading, it’s part of me.

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