Ganoderma Luciderm

It’s unlike any ingredient known in the United States, but recently I was introduced to this species, which is presumed to have tremendous effects for people.

At the meeting, I came in with a skeptical mind. I kept thinking to myself: Oh, it’s got to be another gimmick. There have been so many ads about pills, tablets, juices to help people that it’s almost as though the one thing everyone hasn’t found is the fountain of youth. And all the products tried don’t seem to live up to their name.

Being objective, though, I listened to the testimonials shared. One woman claimed after losing her son last year, she had a hard time coping with life and her blood pressure was raised extremely high. She was on the verge of a stroke, when she was introduced to one of the ganoderma products. After taking them, her blood pressure dropped significantly and she even lost weight as a result. Her husband claimed that he didn’t know what was in the tea she drank, but even her energy increased.

Another person said that after trying the product, the backpain they once had was gone, and the flu that another person had was gone instantly when the ingredient was added to their tea. I’m like, that’s what they all say. So I did the most logical thing, I did my research.

One article I discovered defined ganoderma as an amino acid and protein that’s found in Reishi mushrooms. According to the Chinese it’s known as the “magic herb.” It can aid in certain defects like: cancer, the common cold, cataracts, hypertension, hair loss, and more. It’s even said that the Reishi mushroom had such healthy benefits that it’s been used over hundreds of years by Asians to cure or heal certain types of illnesses. But it’s the ganoderma found in the products that has helped many people.

After the meeting, I inspected the products being sold. Some were coffee bags, tablet capsules, soap, Latte, mocha, chocolate and green tea bags. All of them included the ganoderma ingredient. The most popular was the black tea, which apparently has such low caffeine that you won’t necessarily become addicted to drinking more, nor would you end up having a headache if you didn’t have it. The downside is, if you’re allergic to mushrooms, these products are not for you.

I’m still skeptical when it comes to herbs, but if it helps people I always say try it. Out of sheer curiosity I tried the chocolate tea (and shouldn’t because I’m allergic to chocolate), but after trying it I didn’t feel the oncoming headache when I drink or eat chocolate. Magic? Not sure, but it tasted good.

If you’d like to find out more about these products and search the products yourself check out this Web siteIf you want to know what something is like try it for yourself or else someone else will write your opinion for you and I’m pretty sure you’re above being influenced.

Thanks for reading. I do apologize for not writing a blog in a little while, but I’m working out some “kinks” in my life. I’ll be writing more soon. Have a great weekend!


  1. Slamdunk · June 14, 2010

    I was not familiar with this being used as a daily regulator. It is interesting how some of these remedies have such a long history.

    • faithlooksup · June 16, 2010

      It’s actually been around for ten years and is recently being introduced into the United States. I’m always amazed at how I’m learning new things every day. Just thought my blog readers should know. Hope the vacation’s going well! : )

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