M.O.M – My Optimistic Mother (a tribute)

There’s never a dull moment when I speak to my mom.

When I hear her voice on the end of the line it would always seem cheery and bright:

“KIMI!” she’d scream, and I’d reply: “Hi, mom. How are you?” as I try to keep from grinning on how enthusiastic she sounded when I call. (She always knows how to make me smile.)

If I didn’t call mom at least once a week, she’d call me–and that’s bad! Should I ever get a call from mom, she would politely remind me that there are people who still exist in the family that would love to hear from me.  I took the hint and promised her I’d call more.

Our phone conversations usually led to chit chats about our lives, NYC, relatives, and existing struggles, and through it all mom always shared her positive outlooks on life. I always came off the phone feeling rebooted and ready to take on the world like the Energizer bunny that could keep going.

Raised on a farm with four brothers and three sisters, mom learned how to work with others, learned how to think, and learned how to have fun. When she got married to my dad, she took what she learned and vowed to love him with all her heart and stand by him in good times and bad, through health or sickness, even through poor times or in wealth. When I and my other siblings came along, to this day, she stands by that credo.

I often wonder how mom does what she does: the cooking, the hairdressing, the dressmaking, the home chores, being the chauffeur, the health reliever, the grocery picker upper, the table setter, the bedmaker, the scheduler, and still work full-time. It boggles my mind. It’s like a full-time job (without pay and benefits)!

I’ve sent a card to mom with a message of love to let her know how grateful I am to be her daughter. If I earned as much like Bill Gates, I’d send mom on a trip to anywhere in the world she’d always dreamed with all expenses paid. She hasn’t traveled much, so I hope to make that all expense paid trip a reality (as a long-term goal surprise).

Mom is not a perfect being, but she’s proven herself a worthy mother. She’s always stood by my side, able to make me feel better, more hopeful … and for that I’m grateful. Thank you, mom, and I love you. I just have to call you and say that to you so it’s more genuine (*smile*).

One comment

  1. Dionne · May 7, 2010

    Happy Mother’s Day to my long-time-no-see- Mom!!!
    Tell her hi and give her a big hug, please!!

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