The Best Beverage in the World

It’s called water.

It’s been around for ages and there’s nothing new about it…but why has it filled the thirsts and delights of so many?

There’s nothing fancy about it either…it’s tasteless, odourless, colorless, and dear I say (somewhat) priceless–depending on where you buy or get it. It’s also a lot of other things, too. But it dawned on me last week how important and vital this liquid form we call water is.

I developed a huge headache one morning and couldn’t figure out why. I had gotten adequate rest (about seven hours) the night before and had consumed my daily food portions enough to fill my stomach. Then, as if the health version of Tinker Bell sprinkled her fairy dust on me, I wished to drink some water. I drank off one bottle, then another, then another. Within minutes my headache was gone. Usually I would take an Ibuprofen or Advil to help delay the headache throbbings, and would become so dependent on them they became my answer to every headache I got. This time, I broke free from that dependence and went instead to water (the beverage of ages I call it).

I learned from one of my cousin’s (who’s a nurse) that I was dehydrated and should drink six to eight glasses of water daily. Now, if you’re like me you’d be saying that’s a LOT of water. But here’s why. Our bodies are made up of water. That’s right, water (60% of water that is). Interestingly, our brain is made up of about 85%, even our bones (as hard as they are) make up about 10 to 15 % of water. That’s why it’s so important to drink water to replinish it. Water for our bodies is like gasoline is to cars (non-hybrid that is). We just can’t live without water.

I asked my nurse cousin jokingly, well, what kind of glass is that to use? and, what’s the conversion from glass to bottle? (Is there any?) She told me that a bottle of water contains .5 L and we’re to drink 250 mL daily. That’s about 3-4 bottles of water daily. That sounds better, but even that amount can be alot. It’s already enough drinking half a liter of water!

“Never mind how much,” she says to me, “Think about the benefits!” My skin might give a better glow, it can feel smoother, and I won’t feel as fatigued. My headaches will dramatically decrease too, and I’d feel rejuvenated and more alert. Not bad for a beverage that has no taste, no color and doesn’t pass a smell (a sweet one that is). My nurse cousin added that with these benefits, water will increase my likelihood of going to the bathroom more. This is only because my body is flushing out the bad stuff from my system and the water helps my body to be cleansed.

One other thing my nurse cousin mentioned is that one could drink TOO much water and be intoxicated. I’ve never heard of any situation like that, but I’ve learned that depending on one’s body mass, size, height, etc. water intake will vary, though a good start to daily drinking it is around 3-4 bottles a day. 

Since that discussion, my daily intake of water has taken root even to a point that every time I eat I forego the sugary drinks and choose instead to drink water. I would cheer at doing this, but it’s not been easy. Though, I remind myself that if I want to be healthier I’ve got to start taking care of my body.  Every time I think of drinking water, I think how much more care I am providing for my body to prevent catching anything (like the flu). 

No wonder water has been THE beverage that’s outlasted all others…Now, if only I can get passed drinking more than one bottle a day.



  1. slamdunk · April 28, 2010

    Good advice. At my previous employer, I was fortunate to have a desk near the water cooler which I visited frequently during the day–you are right in that the health benefits of water consumption versus sugar drinks are immense.

  2. slamdunk · April 29, 2010

    Sorry, one other thing–I also left a blog award for you here:

    if you accept such things.

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