Take a break from it all and walk…

I woke up Sunday morning to a bright and sunny day. Birds were chirping or tweeting : ) outside my window and the cool breeze flushed my face. I couldn’t resist the temptation, I just had to go outside.

Walking crossed my mind, so I grabbed on my exercise clothes, suited up, had breakfast and left to go walking.  I don’t usually exercise, maybe because I’m afraid of the pain that comes after or the dedication and sheer commitment one must acquire in order to make it a habit.  Whatever it was, I began to walk.

I walked to the school track near my home, which is so nice to have. The school grounds are gracious to leave the track open for anyone willing to take on the mile wide road. When I got there, three people were already there. This was around 10 a.m. I stretched, breathed in the smell of the fresh air. Aaaghhhh…it was pure bliss, then I took the giant leap to begin my brisk walking.

After about seven laps around the track, I sprinted as fast as I could just to see if I still had it in me to do so. When I was in elementary school, being part of track and field was a requirement–the school I was placed in back then encouraged its students to engage in physical activity and that standard has never left me. After sprinting, I slowed back to my brisk walking and panted like a dog salivating for water (needless to say, I ran out the house without bringing any beverage).

I must say after my walking, I felt SO good, SO alive, SO free! It was refreshing and for the first time in my life in 2010, I was doing something that was good for me. Walking not only made me feel good physically, but it allowed me to engage in nature;  see the world around me when I took stops to look at flowers, birds, the sky, say “hello” to people I came across, and admire the gardens of homes as I passed them by.

Walking is truly an activity I’m going to take up more often. I hate saying I’m too busy to do it, but I’m making it a habit to squeeze in some walking time–Time doesn’t wait for anyone, so make the most of it and do some good for yourself while you can. Walking really does make the body feel good and your mind suddenly seems more sharpened. So, every Sunday, I hope to do my walking and during the week, work on aerobic exercises in my home. They say, milk does the body good, I say walking does the body and mind even better.



  1. Dionne · April 12, 2010

    Wonderful stuff!!!! 🙂
    Just get started, and you’ll wonder why you never “found time to do it” before!!
    Before you know it, it’ll become a habit…!!!!!

    • faithlooksup · April 12, 2010

      You’re so right, Dionne! Habit I’ve learned starts with your mind. You’ve got to think about it, then put it into action, then act on it regularly and it becomes a habit. It’ll take some time for me getting used to it, though, but as they say, “It’s all in the mind.” : )

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  3. slamdunk · April 15, 2010

    I hope you are able to make this a regular practice. Taking time to walk or run is essential to my well-being.

    • faithlooksup · April 15, 2010

      I will–scouts honor : ). I’m actually gearing up for a walkathon later in the year, so that’s been my inspiration to get into the habit.

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