Taking a break from it all–so I travel

I had to get out–really go out of town to clear my head on things. One week passed and I’ve been Internet searching for jobs, calling people, e-mailing, social networking and still haven’t heard from anyone. I’m expecting this turn of events in my life to be a lone and discouraging one, but that mustard seed of faith says to me to keep pressing on. Yet, I needed a breather.

I’m with my family in Indiana (the crossroads of America) and being with them encourages me. We all watched the Superbowl yesterday. Many of my family members who live in Indy are wild about the team. You should’ve heard us–screaming and hollering in the 1st and 2nd quarters of the game going into the second half. My mind was lost in the battle between two teams (both deserving the Superbowl title) and finding a job was no where in my conscious state. When the score (31-17) was stamped all over the t.v. screen as the final score–only heartbroken gestures and comments were made. Me? I just reflected on the efforts made by both teams and thought how hard each team earned their way to get to the Superbowl. Only a thing of dreams for all NFL players.

I’ve had shares of dreams and some came true and others not. I’m coming to understand that sometimes when we come upon pathways that lead to different directions, it’s up to me to choose where I want to go. I’m there and I haven’t given up in my job search. I have, however, given up on taking the Colts’ loss so hard. They still have their millions, while I’m hanging on to find employment. They have their fans, while my family members, friends and God are my fans. But one thing is in common the Colts’ and I have–we’ve got heart. We might not always get to where we want right away but we’ll get there (one day). That one day for me is beginning now.



  1. Dionne · February 8, 2010

    Tell the family HI for me.
    I know it’s rough.. and it takes a while if you don’t know where to look. I sent out some applications in April last year, and I’m only just now getting calls for interviews… Sometimes you wonder why they really have application deadlines!
    But, stay strong and keep the faith. When it is your time, it will come.
    In the meantime, do the things that you never had a chance to do while you were working- try to find a cheap graphics arts class.. and VOLUNTEER! Feel good, and rack up some mileage on your resume!
    And pray to God that the good job opportunity comes before the unemployment benefits expire!!!
    Good luck!

    • faithlooksup · February 9, 2010

      Our friendship was meant for a reason. Thanks, D! Your words of advice are very encouraging. I’ll keep them in mind.

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