What If He’s Four Years Younger?


I recently met a guy and he’s…simply, amazing. I have a “list” of what I look for in a guy and this guy tops the chart! Compared to other guys I’ve met, befriended, “hung out” with, and occasionally dated, this guy beats the cake. Never had I imagined I would meet someone like him but I have.

So you’re wondering, what’s on your list? Well, I came up with the idea from the classic film, “The Wizard of Oz.” My thinking is he must have the traits of the three characters: the tin man, the lion and the scarecrow. He must have: (1) a heart, (2) a mind, and (3) courage. Simple, right? Well, each of those characteristics have sub-traits I look for too. For example, if he must have a heart, he should treat people with respect (older and younger) and love for God (which could mean many things like going to church, being active in ministries). If I explained everything of this list, I would be on my way to writing a novel, so I won’t bore you with that, but that’s my list.

About this guy, though. I met him at church. I never really paid attention to him until I ended up in his Bible study class. Just as the class came to a close and we were about to pray, with my bowed head and closed eyes, I heard him ask, “What’s your name and can you pray for us?” I looked up to see his “heart-melting” eyes meet mine and all I could do was respond with my name and say yes. I prayed and as I was leaving, he thanked me for the prayer and wished me a great day. There were other occasions after where he’d somehow make his way to say hello to me or compliment me on my dress or a song I sang (yes, I like to sing). I began to admire him, observing him while he led out in Bible study class or lead a program for church. He was a natural born leader and principled. If it was time to pray, you’d better have your eyes closed kind of thing, but I admired that because he’s respectful, smart and other things. Just from observing him from a distance, I realized he’s different from other men I  befriended and very loved by many people. His kind I hadn’t seen in a lot of young men in this day and age.

I began taking more interest when once I joked around my family members while waiting for lunch at church if there was any guy they could see me with. A cousin who was visiting with us for a few weeks immediately called his name and my heart leaped. Was that a sign? I also started getting bizarre invitations from members of the church to come to programs especially when he was there. Deep down, I really wanted to get to know him more. This Christmas, we texted throughout the day (I know, why don’t we just pick up the phone to talk? It’s a generational thing.) I saw him yesterday to drop off some scarves for their homeless ministry, which he was spearheading and just before I left to head home, he walked me to my car and we spoke and got to know each other a bit more. He asked what I did in my profession, I asked about his family and so forth. We hugged and for a brief moment I became sad because I wanted us to continue talking but I didn’t want to keep him for too long and he had a meeting to attend. Here’s the kicker though, he’s four years younger and I don’t know what to think. Should I overlook the age, pursue this relationship and see where it goes or should I call it quits in getting to know him and move on hoping I’ll meet someone else more my age? Your thoughts? I’m opened.

Help Find Teleka! Family Seeks Donations to Help in Search


Thank you for reading my blog post on Teleka. Ongoing efforts continue. The Patrick family has to hire a private investigator, but it’s going to cost over $3,000. Please, this Christmas, do something by giving what you can to help this family in need. They want their daughter back home, safe and alive. Can you help? Donations are being accepted at www.gofundme.com/findteleka. Meanwhile, please also pray for her safe return. If you’ve never prayed before, please give what you can. Thank you.

Missing Person – Please Help Find!

Please share this post and pass it along, we need others to know! This young lady (a 2013 graduate from medical school) has been missing since Thursday in the Michigan area (possibly Kalamazoo), she’s the daughter of one of my former conference ministers. Below is a message from the family.
Your urgent and fervent prayer is requested for the Patrick Family. Teleka Patrick has been reported missing since thursday night in the michigan area.An urgent plea has been put out by her sister. Please see below:

My sister, Teleka Patrick, is missing. She was last seen Thursday night around 7 PM.

Here is what I need from you:

  1. Pray like you’ve prayed before (even if you’ve never prayed before).
  2. If you have any information about her whereabouts, please call me at 347-622-2571 or call the Kalamazoo Sheriff’s dept at 269-383-8821 (option 6).
  3. Please only call me and/or the Sheriff’s dept if you have a lead.

Thanks in advance!

Teleka Patrick is the daughter of Pastor and Mrs. Matthias Patrick, former pastor and English Ministries director in the Greater New York Conference.

Kindly keep the Patrick family in prayer during this difficult time and that Teleka will be found alive and well.

PLEASE SHARE and help get the word out:
Communication Department

Miracle #1 – Dream Job


Miracle #1 - Dream Job

It happened in May. Since high school I told myself I wanted to work for a hospital and years later, it came true. Since May 13 I have been inducted as part of the Lutheran Family Health Centers (Brooklyn, NY) to serve as the PR Associate. How do I feel? Excited! Please keep me in thought and prayer as I lead this fantastic organization. My note for you: Don’t give up on your dreams. They DO come true.

Take Time to Honor Our Fallen Heroes


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As we remember those who fought for this great country and those who are still fighting let’s remember one thing not just on this day but everyday. Thank GOD for “FREEDOM”there are some countries who can’t celebrate freedom. We have the freedom let us not forget how blessed we truly are.

May you all have a Wonderful Memorial Daywith your family and friends, enjoy the outdoors activities the cooking on the grill the swimming in the pool and try not to eat to many hot dogs and hamburgers. , (LOL)

Lord watch over our service men and woman who are still fighting, Lord protect them and keep them safe.  Lord be with their families that are still back home waiting for them to return, give them guidance, strength and wisdom in every area of their lives. Keep your hand upon them as they do their best to…

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